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The Malcolm X – Ella Collins House inspires today’s legacy to be tomorrow’s future.

“No other person influenced my life more than my sister, Ella.”
-Malcolm X

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
-Malcolm X

Malcolm X — Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation

Passport to the Future

The Malcolm X — Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation preserves the human rights legacy led by Malcolm X and Ella Little-Collins to educate and empower global citizens as champions of human rights and unveil the history of activism by preserving historical assets and stewardship of the environment. 

Revisiting the life of Malcolm X uncovers the legacy of his older sister Ella, a supportive influence throughout his life and an organizer in his ministry, who improved educational opportunities for black students in Boston and New York.

The foundation identifies Citizen Students with financial support and housing for eligible graduate students from around the world to learn Malcolm X and Ella Little-Collins’ legacy to teach the future. The program is expanding to potentially provide student housing at the Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins House.

Champion The Passport to the Future

National Register Lists Malcolm X Childhood Home

Malcolm X — Ella L. Little-Collins Family House

Preserve and Restore a National Heritage

On February 12, 2021, The National Register, listed the Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins House at 72 Dale Street in Boston, at the national and local level, in the areas of Social History, Ethnic Heritage: African American, Native American, Human Rights for its association with the life of preeminent 20th century, civil and human rights activist Malcolm (Little) X. 

Preservation and restoration of this national heritage historical House requires $4.5 million for phase one.

The Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins House is the only extant house associated with Malcolm X’s childhood and formative years and with the life of human rights activist and Malcolm’s sister, Ella Little-Collins. The House at 72 Dale Street is under the ownership Rodnell P. Collins Family and remains one of the few designated landmarks owned, operated, and maintained by a family.

Preserve this National Treasure

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