Learn the Legacy. Teach the Future.

Malcolm X — Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation

The Malcolm X — Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation preserves the human rights legacy led by Malcolm X and Ella Little-Collins to educate and empower global citizens as champions of human rights and unveil the history of activism by preserving historical assets and stewardship of the environment. 


Social Justice

Human Rights

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


Inform, educate and enlighten students in becoming active leaders in the community, the nation, and the world. (CITIZEN STUDENT)

The foundation works to provide financial assistance and to support the professional development of graduate students. In working with high-achieving graduate students that proven their academic success, the aim is to cultivate their knowledge and personal strengths for applicable use within the community.

Citizen Students

Citizen Students Collaboration

Vision - Aims And Objectives

Transform academic scholars into community activists (Citizen Students) through civic engagement, and academic diligence

To support student’s completion of graduate programs by providing educational scholarships in STEM, Humanities, and Law.

To support a legacy of human rights, social justice community, and civic engagement through grassroots programs, seminars, symposiums, educational field trips, and tours of the Malcolm X-Ella L. Little Collins House, and the Malcolm X Park in Roxbury, MA.


Gifted support to the Malcolm X — Ella L. Little Collins Family Foundation financially supports Citizen Students pursuing Higher Education through scholarships. Donations are only for further academic endeavors. Federal Tax ID# 01-0694629.