The Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” 

the Passport to the Future

The Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation works to provide financial assistance and to support the professional development of graduate students.

The Foundation serves to educate, inspire and champion human rights through the preservation of historical assets and stewardship of the environment.  The aim of the Foundation is to empower all persons to seek social justice, engage in progressive social change, and advance human rights worldwide.

To facilitate the learning, President and Executive Director of the Malcolm X — Ella L. Little Collins Family Foundation, Rodnell P. Collins, has created the “Citizen Student” concept.  

As the nephew of Malcolm X and the son of Kenneth and Ella Little-Collins, Rodnell Collins feels it is his duty to provide others a “passport to the future” through education.  It is also his way of paying homage to the legacy of his famous uncle and his beloved mother. 

The Citizen Student concept informs, educates, and enlightens students in becoming active leaders in the community, the nation, and the world.

Eligible Citizen Student candidates will need to demonstrate active community service involvement and pursue higher education objectives in social justice, human rights, and environmental studies.


Gifted support for Citizen Students will help deliver the promise of the passport to the future through a financial scholarship. Donations are processed safe and secure with PayPal or CashApp.

Please note, this gift is only for academic scholarships. Donations to the Malcolm X — Ella L. Little Collins Family Foundation financially support students pursuing Higher Education. 
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“No other person influenced my life more than my sister, Ella.”

Malcolm X - Ella L. Little Collins House

The Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins House

“Transforming the historic residence where Malcolm X spent his formative years into graduate student housing would provide an innovative model for sites across the country.” 

Preserve and Restore a National Heritage

National Register Lists Malcolm X Childhood Home

Malcolm X spent his childhood and formative years at 72 Dale Street in Boston, Massachusetts, living with his older sister Ella L. Little-Collins. Even in adulthood, Malcolm called 72 Dale Street his home.

This national heritage House is adjacent to the historic Malcolm X Park, which has 10.5 acres with two large buildings fully functional, Community Education and Athletic Centers with Multi-Facetted Out-door Athletic facilities. 

The National Register listed the Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins House at 72 Dale Street in Boston, Massachusetts, at the national and local level, in the areas of Social History, Ethnic Heritage: African American, Native American, Human Rights for its association with the life of preeminent 20th century, civil and human rights activist Malcolm (Little) X .

Preservation and restoration of this national heritage historical House requires $4.5 million for Phase I.

To support Phase I, please contact your attorney and accountant about donating to this capital campaign before connecting with the Malcolm X – Ella L. Little-Collins House. 

"The preservation and restoration of this historic site would not only restore an important part of American history but transform an under-utilized structure into an active and vibrant part of the surrounding community.”